Tingest Collection 2015

The Tingest brand offers products for the home inspired by Scandinavian design heritage. The majority of the items are manufactured in Sweden in association with carefully selected skilled craftsmen and based on a commitment to natural materials, sustainability and ecology.

The creative force behind Tingest is Alexander Lervik, who, for the 2015 collection, invited other designers to contribute new products to the range.

“For me, this is a long-standing vision: of creating and manufacturing exclusive home décor items hallmarked by design excellence, fine craftsmanship and local manufacture in Sweden”, says Alexander Lervik.


Tribute to Frank

Tribute to Frank is a cabinet exclusively designed for Stockholms Auktionsverk, 2014.

Tingest – Bruket
Tingest – Servitören
Tingest – Trädkrona
Tingest – Skog Ljus
Tingest – Landskap
Tingest – Herrgård
Tingest – Betjänten

In collaboration with Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair we have created a selection of jewellery accessories thru the space age technique of 3D printing.

The selection incorporates light and shape. In the creative collaboration between Alexander Lervik and VAVE S:R focus has been on creating a dramatic look thru light and shade and to find new interesting collisions of material and shapes.

A fantastic experience for us that us that ended in a beautiful jewellery collection in gold, silver, and white.

Producer: V Avenue Shoe Repair


Brighthandle, the luminous door handle that communicates with coloured light, was first launched at the Furniture Fair in Milano in 2001. It received great response, and almost a thousand people from 43 countries showed interest in purchasing the door handle. Brighthandle was awarded “Hardware product of the year” by an American magazine and featured in magazines all over the world.

In the fall of 2001, a company, Brighthandle AB, was formed by Alexander Lervik and Fredrik Arnander to further develop and sell the doorhandle. In July 2006, the company were sold to Assa Abloy, the largest lock producer in the world. The doorhandle is now launched in Europe and the USA .

Design Alexander Lervik 2000

Producer: Assa Abloy

Collabone Carpet

Handmade carpet Collabone.

Design Alexander Lervik & Johan Carpner 2011

Producer: A-carpet

Noway Clothes Hanger

The hanger was designed during a inspiration trip around Asia.
One of the main impressions from the visit was all the advertising signs in, for example Bangkok, Hong Kong and Tokyo.
Made in lacquered metal.

Design Alexander Lervik 2006

Producer: Johanson Design

Aero Door Knob

Aero door knob

A door knob made of plastic that gives a firm and steady grip. The door knob design is inspired from the airplane industries modern design.

Design Alexander Lervik 2003

Producer: Confalonieri SPA

Punto Doorstop

A door stop with a clear graphical appearance. The design of the door stop has an aimed surface which gives the door a “gentle” reception. Made of steel and rubber.

Design Alexander Lervik 2002

Producer: Confalonieri SPA