Twilight bird-table

When the twilight comes the acrylic bird-table starts to glow. A beautiful detail in a dark garden! The house is made in acrylic with a base in black colored wood. LED lights starts in the twilight. Battery power supplied 300x220 mm

Lumière au Chocolat

La lumière au chocolat lamp, unlike other lamps, is completely dark when you first turn it on, mimicking light spreading along the horizon at sunrise. The heat from the lamp causes the chocolate to begin melting, and it takes several minutes for the first rays of light to penetrate. Holes soon form and as the light grows the chocolate melts. The material and structure of the lamp are the result of pure curiosity. Alexander Lervik wanted to explore the possibility of creating a contrast to light, i.e. dark. The shape of the lamp has been devised based on extensive testing involving the melting process.

"The lamp was initially cube-shaped, but once we determined how chocolate melts together we modified the shape to resemble a cut-off pyramid," says Alexander.

After roughly 15 minutes the chocolate has melted down and then solidifies into chunks.

"I find it poetic, with complete darkness at first and then a tiny ray of light penetrates the dark chocolate," says Alexander.

La lumière au chocolat lamp forms part of the Lervik 100 range.

Producer: SAAS


Alexander Lervik will be launching his Nothamn lamp range for Belid at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. The range consists of floor, table, bedside and desk lamps as well as a pendulum and ceiling model. Alexander drew inspiration for this range from a quarry in the village of Nothamn where he spends summers with his family:

"The very first time I visited Nothamn I was struck by the distinctive shapes that mark the thousands of rocks along that stretch of coast. When I began sketching the Nothamn range, the rocks at Nothamn popped up as inspiration," says Alexander.

He initially developed the Nothamn range for the Nordic Sea Hotel in Stockholm in 2011, when handling the interior design for the 367 hotel rooms and the lobby. The range was so well-received that Alexander and Belid developed additional models, and these will now be made available to a wider audience through Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair.

Producer: Belid


Nest pendulum light fitting

"I wanted to spread light over the table instead of simply using a thin LED strip, hence the particular shape of the lamp, which is also characteristic of the NEST range," says Alexander Lervik.

The shape of the lamp, a cluster of wooden rods, is inspired by Villa Nest, designed by Alexander Lervik on an island off Stockholm.

Inspiration has been drawn from the Bird's Nest arena in Beijing and then adapted for the island's summer visitors, the birds.

New LED technology. The building is solar-powered, so low energy consumption is important.

Ash wood.

Producer: SAAS

Ask Spotlight

Ask is a wooden LED spotlight for integration into ceilings. The fitting is designed in two parts: an installation cup, recessed into the ceiling plaster, and the actual spotlight, secured to the cup by means of magnets.

"I was commissioned to design a recessed spotlight for a private home and wanted to break up the monotony of the white plaster ceiling. The wood also creates a pleasing lighting effect," says Alexander Lervik.

Producer: SAAS


Alexander Lervik, together with designer Johan Carpner, designed the Jeahna tent lamp, which was exhibited at Stockholm Design week 2012. This year producer Zero will be launching the lamp in three sizes, between 1.5 and 4 metres in diameter. Despite its size the lamp takes only ten minutes to assemble, from delivery in canvas bag to working lamp.

"We saw a picture of a tent lit up at night and realised that a tent structure must be the optimum textile solution for an outdoor lamp. And that's how Jeahna was born," says Alexander.

He and Carpner collaborated with Hilleberg the Tentmaker on construction. Jeahna can withstand sun, wind, wet and cold conditions, and is ideal for gardens and courtyards. Together with Zero they have developed various light fittings for Jeahna – offering everything from general white light to controlled RGB effects.

Producer: Zero


A replica of the designer's brain, originated from an MR scan at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. The image was processed through a 3D-printer, and became this unusual lamp shade design. Yes, it is bright. MYBrain is represented at the Röhsska Museum of Design and Decorative Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Design Alexander Lervik 2007

Producer: Gallery Pascale

Sense Light Swing

Sense Light Swing is a light fixture that is also a moving, eye-catching work of art that works well even in large spaces. The shape of the fixture comes from a hanging swing for children; Alexander Lervik´s concept for Sense Light Swing was created, after all, for the 2005 show “Five Playful Chairs´.

The seat of the swing, made from transparent acrylic, is lit from within by a strip of high-powered LEDs.

Sense Light Swing creates a spectacular light show as it swings back and forth on its long hanging cords. Sense Light Swing has garnered large amounts of attention in the international media ever since its prototype phase.

Seat dimensions: width 550 mm, depth 200 mm. Source of illumination: LED.

Producer: SAAS Instruments


Traditional lamp design meet LED technology. The shade lights up and   offers the impression of an ordinary lamp. But inside there's nothing. No light bulb, no materials, nothing. Only darkness. Surroundend by light.

Design Alexander Lervik 2007

Producer: Dark


Here's an entire door that says yes or no with green and red. The light switches as you lock or unlock. By using the Brighthandle technology with a building's safety system leads to an ultimate combination of functionality and design. The Brightdoor is constructed in a special plastic surface which efficiently spreads the light.

Design Alexander Lervik 2007

Producer: SAAS


Made out of brand new LED technology, this pipe has an outer shell that will light up, but an inner tube that stays pitch black. Except for a light projection of a tiny dancer. Of course.

Design Alexander Lervik 2006

Producer: Gallery Pascale


A candle holder that plays with the shadows. A distinct star is formed when the candle is lit and as the candle burns down the star grows outwards. The candle holder is made from lacquered laser cut steel.

Design Alexander Lervik 2004

Producer: Gallery Pascale


Dimension– Light art
Made for the Bank Skandia in Sweden.
It is an art piece but also a 3D screen. Built of 1728 heads. 35.000 parts. 24.000 LED lamps.
The cube has a dimension of 3x3x3 meters. Inside its possible to show 3D movements, movies and text.
Presented in April 2010.

Tradition Candle Holder

Advent candle stick made of glass and wood. The classic Swedish advent candles stick upside-down so that the bog moss is kept safely inside the glass.

Design Alexander Lervik 2003

Producer: Design House Stockholm


Mobil Candleholder

A candle holder in stainless steel. The idea is that Mobile should be a new version of the old oil lamps that where used to light up ones way in the darkness. The shape of the candle holder constitutes a comfortable grip.

Design Alexander Lervik 2002

Producer: Simplicitas