Reform Sofa System

As the name suggests, Reform is variable; you can in effect create your very own version, but the most unique thing about it is actually the construction. While other system sofas are based on the idea of adding and combining different modules, Reform starts with a common base that is adapted to your requirements. Alexander Lervik came up with the idea several years ago.

"I had the idea of building a sofa system in the same way as different car models, starting with an identical base component," says Alexander.

The Reform system is probably the most flexible sofa system on the market. You can choose between high and low backs, with or without armrests, laptop tables, or breaking up your row of seats with a screened phone compartment. It is also possible to vary the fabric and colour of each segment.

Producer Johanson Design has developed an easy-to-use computer program for architects and customers to enable them to simply build their own version of Reform.

Despite its thin, lightweight feel Reform offers comfortable sprung seats. At the same time the system has been designed to stand up to extreme environments; it can be seen, among other places, in Viking Line's new ferry terminal in Turku.

Producer: Johanson Design

Jefferson Collection

Upholstered chair for lounge or conference environments. The chair is a part of the Jefferson furniture range with a characteristic conformity that ties the products together. The chair has three different supportive chassis: centre piece stand; four legged stand; four legged stand with wheels. Choose between chromium or silver lacquered metal.

Design Alexander Lervik 2002

Producer: Skandiform



Alexander Lervik interprets the feeling of being on the move in a new lobby installation at Nordic Light Hotel. During the winter, Nordic Light Hotel’s lobby will be transformed into a hub for arrivals and departures. The installation will open in connection with Stockholm Design Week 2010. From 8 February until April, industry folk and the general public will be able to experience the flight and travel-inspiring installation, which alludes to the baggage that we carry with us.

”I’m very proud and regard this opportunity to be seen at Nordic Light Hotel during Stockholm Design Week as a challenge. I have always been fascinated by the hotel milieu and I wanted to create an exhibition that links us to the physical setting. The hotel is a temporary home when you’re on the move. At the same time it’s a venue for new meetings between people, each with their own story and personal situation in their baggage,” says Alexander Lervik.

The installation is being constructed in partnership with Johanson Design, Finnish SAAS Instruments and Belgian Dark.

Alexander Lervik has distinguished himself within both product design and interior décor, designing everything from furniture, textiles, glass and industrial design, to restaurants, nightclubs and shops. His work can be seen at the National Museum in Stockholm, Röhsska in Gothenburg and at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo. Alexander Lervik’s work has a strong conceptual basis and is born out of a clear idea.

Over the years, Nordic Light Hotel has become a natural arena in Stockholm for several design events. The hotel’s fundamental concept is based on creating a changing environment and inspiring experiences for an audience with an interest in design. During the year, the lobby features several different guest installations, with everything form established designers to those who are completely new on the scene, all of whom work closely with the hotel’s own design team.

Producer: Johanson Design

Boomerang Bench

A bench for public habitat. The idea behind the product is that it should invite to different kinds of sitting. The inside of the boomerang lets a small number of people have a confided and private space. Should a single person desire a private atmosphere one simply sits on the outside of the boomerang. Bench in laminated birch natural or stained. Chassis in chromium.

Design Alexander Lervik 2002

Producer: Skandiform

U-Sit Sofa System

U-sit a modular sofa system

Design Alexander Lervik 2007

Producer: Johanson Design