Summerhouse Birdnest

In 2007 I was asked to to design a house on the small island of Svanholmen in the Stockholm Archipelago. When visiting the Island the first time I was attacked by the the birds swallow, nesting on the island until mid June every year. I decided to use the birds as a theme for the house and instead of hunting them away, inviting them to the house. With inspiration from the Olympic Stadium in Beijing and from a regular birds nest I made a house with a structure the birds may use to build their nests, and with time their presence may colour the wood, giving it a beautiful surface. The house is 40 squaremeters and built with environmentally friendly materials. It has solar panels for all the light and power supplies. The house will be a part of the owner Fredrik Härrens concept »Ideas Island« inviting creatives to use the house for a limited period of time. Photo by Henrik Bonnevier. The house is presented in the Residence magazine june issue

Nordic Sea Hotel

Interior design

Alexander Lervik has completed several major interior design projects, such as the total refurbishment of the Nordic Sea Hotel, taking care of designing all 367 hotel rooms, right down to the smallest detail. He only undertakes a small number of interior design and architectural assignments per year. The assignments carried out are often overall concepts that can range from interior architecture and specially-designed furniture to the look of menus and logos.

Past projects include:

Clarion Hotel Gillet in Uppsala, NK men's and ladies' footwear, all Rizzo's shoe stores in Scandinavia, Sturecompagniet, Push nightclub in Gothenburg, Restaurant Supper in Stockholm, Villa Fågelbo outside Stockholm, Flustret nightclub in Uppsala and the White Room nightclub in Stockholm.

Restaurant Supper
Push Nightclub