Madison – conference table

Design Alexander Lervik 2014

Producer: Johanson

Lucy Folding Table

The basic design of the Lucy folding table derives from a long-standing fascination with the construction of folding legs and how this can be developed further.

"The penny suddenly dropped one day. The S-shaped clip was the solution for my folding table," says Alexander Lervik.

Lervik's insight resulted in a solution where the folding leg is adjustable and locks in both folded and unfolded position. This is possible as one section of the folding leg remains in the locked position, while the other can be manually transferred into a clip. The legs are locked in standing position by their own force. The solution is an innovation, but it actually came about by chance:

"I wanted to create a really attractive table that didn't pay attention to practical requirements. That was how the idea for folding legs cropped up, as they are stylistically pure in shape. The whole thing finished up with me having designed a smart folding table based on beauty rather than practicality," explains Alexander.

The range of applications for the Lucy folding table is numerous. From conference and function rooms to flexible modern workplaces:

"I believe that folding tables like Lucy will be used more and more. You simply set up the table when you have numerous people in the office, and fold it up again once your project is finished," says Alexander.

Producer: Johanson Design

Madison Table

The shape of the Madison bistro-style table is a response to a practical problem:

Furniture producer Johanson Design wanted to reduce volumes for transport and commissioned Alexander Lervik to come up with a table that could be packed flat without sacrificing on stability or quality.

"I deliberately made the table extremely simple and stylistically pure so that it would fit into as many settings as possible – offices, cafés, restaurants and conference rooms," says Alexander.

Producer: Johanson Design

Nest Table

The nest furniture range is constructed with a strong design identity using the metal part to combine the legs and the seat. The same part is used for tables, lounge chair and the restaurant chair.

Producer: Johanson Design


Lounge or coffee table in moulded wood. Despite its somewhat spacious dimensions it does not cramp a lot of space. The idea is that one should be able to sit in an easy chair and not have to move ones body in order to fetch a drink etc. One simply places the glass right next to ones seat and needs thus not to bend forward. The table can be furnished with three easy chairs or with one sofa and two easy chairs. Available in veneer or lacquered in optional colours.

Design Alexander Lervik 2002

Producer: Johanson Design