Hang Smart

“The brief from AbsolutArt.com was to create a wow effect when hanging their contemporary artworks. I really got excited about the mission to make art more accessible to more people. I had an idea in the back of my mind for solving the problem I often had of getting works of art lined up level on an exhibition wall. I would hammer in a nail, hang the work, stand back and then end up having to move the nail a few centimetres and look again, which is tough on the walls and a test of patience. The solution is the Hang Smart wall mounting system which allows you to screw-fit the mount, then hang the artwork and then align it perfectly without having to move the wall-mount. The system is patented and the design was engineered in collaboration with the mechanical design consultancy Svensk Konstruktionstjänst”.

To view a video explaining the project. Please click here.

  • Hang Smart
  • AbsolutArt.com
  • 2016
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