Alexander Lervik takes on design assistants twice a year, in spring and autumn. As a design assistant you will be part of our team and involved in all aspects of our projects.

+ Co-operative and ambitious
+ Knowledge of Adobe CS, Autocad and Rhino
+ Good spoken and written English

We would like to thank our many previous interns for great past collaborations.

  • Anna Larsson, Sweden 2005-2006
    Karine Aboudarham, France 2008-2009
    Mattias Floxner, Sweden 2009
    Emelie Benson, Sweden 2009
    Hans Rumpt, Holland 2009-2010
    Rumi Kawasumi, Japan 2010
    Peter van de Merwe, Holland 2010-2011
    Petrina Meier, Germany 2011
    Katinka Wijcman, Belgium 2011
    Bram de Man, Holland 2012
    Magdalena Rosendahl, Sweden 2012
    Tom De Meester, Belgium 2013
    Leandro Martinez-Pesce, Sweden 2014
    Annelie Sundin, Sweden 2014
    Fredrik Lindén, Sweden 2015
    Sara Sjöbäck, Sweden 2015
    Maaike Kleijn, Holland 2015-2016
  • Gunnar Nygren, Sweden 2017
  • Denis Vilencia, Sweden 2017
  • Andreas Völkl, Germany 2018
  • Federico Fricke, Germany/ Italy 2018-2019