Summerhouse Birdnest

In 2007 I was asked to to design a house on the small island of Svanholmen in the Stockholm Archipelago. When visiting the Island the first time I was attacked by the the birds swallow, nesting on the island until mid June every year. I decided to use the birds as a theme for the house and instead of hunting them away, inviting them to the house. With inspiration from the Olympic Stadium in Beijing and from a regular birds nest I made a house with a structure the birds may use to build their nests, and with time their presence may colour the wood, giving it a beautiful surface. The house is 40 squaremeters and built with environmentally friendly materials. It has solar panels for all the light and power supplies. The house will be a part of the owner Fredrik Härrens concept »Ideas Island« inviting creatives to use the house for a limited period of time. Photo by Henrik Bonnevier. The house is presented in the Residence magazine june issue

  • Summerhouse Birdnest
  • 2008