The ‘Fragile opposite’ coffee table is unique in its kind, created from granite blocks from a quarry outside Ventimiglia in northern Italy. Here, 400 kilos of stone mass rests on a transparent frame of multicolored glass. The polished surface of the upper and lower parts contrasts with the natural roughness of the edges, and causes the light to be caught in different ways.

“The stone furniture is symbolic in several ways, and the contrasts of the materials are in focus. In the table, the 400-kilogram boulder rests on top of the fragile glass. It is a metaphor for our strange reality, where the fate of the entire world depends on thin, fragile agreements between countries.” says Alexander Lervik.

Chair ‘Fragile senses’ has a granite base that supports the seat and back in multicolored glass. The stone is carefully selected for its beautiful veining, in a quarry outside Ventimiglia in northern Italy. To create contrasts in the stone and highlight the veining, the designer Alexander Lervik has ground three sides and left the rest to retain its natural shape. The table and the chair are unique, and each is only available in one copy.

  • Fragile
  • 2022
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