Just over 600 kilimeters north of Gävle, at the same height as Skellefteå and in the middle of the Västerbottnian forests lies Norsjö. A company ‘Drömtrappor’ has existed here since 1922.

On behalf of Drömtrappor, Alexander Lervik has created Hemvist – a unique staircase collection whose construction is based on tenons and wedges; traditional craft skills in the furniture industry. The collection also includes a limited edition piece of furniture made using the same technique. The collection is produced in Norsjö with wood from the forests in the area.

The Hemvist collection is a tribute to Drömtrappor, to Drömtrappor’s history and their craftsmanship, while at the same time exploring the boundaries of what we consider to be a piece of furniture. The Hemvist collection is not only a new product for them at Drömtrappor; the design allows for individual steps to be easily replaced when they wear out, which is a completely new technology in the staircase industry.

“Among several of the Scandinavian furniture classics, the importance of clear details and a high degree of craftsmanship recurs. It is about creating a quality product based on two perspectives; partly that the product lasts a long time purely physically, partly that it is manufactured with care for the details, which tends to be appreciated by many people, regardless of age and style ideal” says Alexander.

The name, Hemvist, which is the Swedish word for home, was chosen to embody the sense of warmth and comfort to evoke in those who experience Drömtrappor’s staircases. Wood was the natural choice for Hemvist, as it possesses a unique combination of qualities that make it the perfect material for this purpose. Its organic nature imbues it with a sense of life and vitality, while its pliability allows for intricate and elegant designs. Its strength and durability ensure that it will stand the test of time, and its smoothness provides a pleasant tactile experience.

  • Hemvist - Staircase
  • Drömtrappor
  • 2023
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