Alexander Lervik, together with designer Johan Carpner, designed the Jeahna tent lamp, which was exhibited at Stockholm Design week 2012. This year producer Zero will be launching the lamp in three sizes, between 1.5 and 4 metres in diameter. Despite its size the lamp takes only ten minutes to assemble, from delivery in canvas bag to working lamp.

“We saw a picture of a tent lit up at night and realised that a tent structure must be the optimum textile solution for an outdoor lamp. And that’s how Jeahna was born,” says Alexander.

He and Carpner collaborated with Hilleberg the Tentmaker on construction. Jeahna can withstand sun, wind, wet and cold conditions, and is ideal for gardens and courtyards. Together with Zero they have developed various light fittings for Jeahna – offering everything from general white light to controlled RGB effects.


  • Jeahna
  • Zero
  • 2012