Alexander Lervik can confidently claim that Luna is the ultimate globe pendant. “My challenge was to get rid of the glossy plastic lid that hides cables and the hanging mechanism, and any superfluous fixtures, which really take something away from every glass globe I’ve ever seen.”

The solution was to make the cap part of the globe itself – it is hidden, yet easier to handle than any other globe. A senior glassblower at the Polish glass factory suggested using an old forgotten machine that makes it possible to polish the edges of the globe and zero-tolerance cover. On both the opaque and crystal globes, the lid is an integral invisible component, and at last it has perfected the globe concept. Completed with a transparent acrylic cross, the rest of the hanging structure and the electric cables are assembled in a single cord. “If you want to shape an interior space with light, you really need an uncompromising light source. So it’s no wonder my dream was a globe as perfect as the full moon, with no shadows – just pure iridescent light,” says Alexander.

  • Luna Lamp Clear
  • Design House Stockholm
  • 2020