15 x 15 x 15

The book 15 x Years, 15 x Photographers, 15 x Chairs is now available online at bookus.com or adlibris.com.

About the book:

Alexander Lervik will soon celebrate 15 years as a designer, during which time he has launched an equal number of chairs. By asking 15 Swedish and internationally renowned photographers from the fields of art, fashion and music to each pick a chair to photograph, he has not only given them free reign to interpret a chair from his production – but also to question and push the boundaries of what product photography can be. This book documents the photographic work of Martin Parr, Gunnar Smoliansky, Annika von Hausswolf, Vee Speers, Mary Ellen Mark, Lynn Goldsmith, Dawid, Brendan Austin, Bruno Ehrs, Mats Bäcker, Helén Pe, Andreas Ackerup, Elisabeth Toll, Julia Peirone and Gerry Johansson as each presents his or her unique take on the chairs of Alexander Lervik, with a text written by design author and editor Hanna Nova Beatrice.


  • 15 x 15 x 15
  • 2014

Annika von Hausswolff

Brendan Austin

Bruno Ehrs


Gerry Johansson

Elisabeth Toll

Gunnar Smoliansky

Helén Pe

Julia Peirone

Martin Parr

Mary Ellen Mark

Mats Bäcker

Vee Speers