Just over 600 kilimeters north of Gävle, at the same height as Skellefteå and in the middle of the Västerbottnian forests lies Norsjö. A company ‘Drömtrappor’ has existed here since 1922.

“I remember the first time I visited the factory, it is the only time in my 25 years in the furniture industry that I got goosebumps from seeing how the production is done. In front of me, furniture craftsmen worked with materials that mostly come from the forests outside the factory. It couldn’t be more sustainable.” says Alexander Lervik.

The craftsmanship of the employees made him think of quality furniture managed over generations. For Drömtrappor, he has designed a staircase that focuses on the beautiful details that join the parts of the staircase. The staircase will be presented at the fair during Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023.

From a climate perspective, making products from wood is the most sustainable option. He has created a limited edition piece of furniture from the leftover wood that occurs during the manufacture of the stairs; an armchair, a small table and a bench where he uses the same technique “with tenons and wedges” as in the manufacture of Hemvist stairs.

In this furniture collection, he has simplified the shape to a graphic simplicity with a strong identity.

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